a new beginning...

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I'm still off the beer, but feeling like a tub. Diet has been piss poor. I guess I've used the fact that I'm not drinking beer as an excuse to eat whatever I want when ever I want. I also took a spill at the park last week while playing with my kids. Now I know that no one ever died from embarrassment but I did bang up my knees pretty bad. That annoyed me since I had to lay off my workouts a bit.

Where is Lex Luthor when you need him? Oh wait, here he is...

When I get like this I usually am on the verge of a breakthrough. For me personally it's sort of like hitting rock bottom but without all the drama. Once again the question is, "Will my changes be temporary or lasting?"

That can be a very difficult question to answer.

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